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Learner Achiever Awards

Posted on 13th May, 2017

After a gap of 7 years since the Student of the Year Awards, BIFM have introduced an Recognition Award for Achievers, named after David Batley.  Fantastic opportunity and incentive to all learners to complete their assessments and to reflect on how this has impacted on their work, career, others they manage and their approach to FM. Presentations on 6th July in London.  So what are you waiting for... Get your submissions in by 31st Mayclick here

Let's start studying

Posted on 9th May, 2014

So you're thinking of starting a study programme?  It can be a quite a stressful decision making process.  Where do I find the money? Will my employer support me? Will it be too hard or too easy?  What's the benefit of the course? Will I enjoy it?  Will the study process help me in the job?  Is the course good value for money?


So many questions!

How can I help you to make the best decision?  Why not try a SWOT analysis - what are the strengths; weaknesses, threats and opportunities.  This is a good analytical tool that can be used for many situations, both personal and in business.  It can help to give order to the information you are processing to make that important decision. 


Another activity would be to talk to other learners - those who have completed the course or are doing the courses.  They can share with you their highs and lows; some tips and suggestions.

Still not sure what to do for the best?  Give me a ring or send an email, let me help to make that important decision in your FM career journey.