IWFM Level 4


Level 4 Award (12 credits)

4.01 Overview of FM (6 credits) - Mandatory

plus additional unit of 6 credits from list below

Level 4 Certificate (24 credits)

4.01 Overview of FM (6 credits) - Mandatory

4.05 Understanding H&S in own area of FM(6 credits) - Mandatory

plus 2 or 3 additional units from selection below

Optional units to select for Award or Certificate

4.03 Understanding People Management in FM (8 credits)

4.04 Understanding FM Support Services Operations (6 credits)

4.06 Understanding Risk Management in FM (6 credits)

4.07 Understanding Financial Management in FM (6 credits)

4.12 Understanding Facilities Management Projects (6 credits

4.13 Developing relationships with Suppliers & Specialists in FM (3 credits)

4.14 Undertanding Quality Management in FM (4 credits)

4.15 Understanding Customer Service in FM (4 credits)

4.16 Understanding Property and Asset Management for FMs (4 credits)

4.17 Understanding Property, Fabric and Building Services management for FMs (8 credits)

4.19 Understanding Sustainability and Environmental Issues and the impact on FM (3 credits)

Detailed specification for these units can be provided on request to help inform selection decision

Due to planned retirement in 2020, all assessment papers for all units must be completed by August 2020

New Learner registrations available for Award qualifications until November 2019; Certificate qualifications until October 2019

Level 4 Diploma is not longer available for new learners

Learners who have already achieved 4 or more units at Level 4 can apply for tutorial / study support to achieve full Diploma.  Contact our office for more details