IWFM Level 6

IWFM Level 6 course - units and options


Award (10 credits) unit

FM6.01 Strategic Facilities Management


Certificate (30 credits) As above plus these units from list below

FM6.02 Facilities Management Governance & Risk (8 credits)

FM6.05 Strategic Facilities Management Support Services Operations (4 credits)

FM6.09 Deveoping Strategic Relationships in Facilities Management (6 credits)

FM6.04 Financial Management in Facilities Management (6 credits)


Extended Diploma (60 credits) As above plus units from list below

FM6.03 Quality Management & Customer Service in FM (6 credits)

FM6.11 Corporate Responsibility and Sustainable Facilities Management (6 credits)

FM6.12 Procurement Strategy for Facilities Management (6 credits)

FM6.13 Property Management and Maintenance Strategy for Facilities Management (8 credits)




Fees will depend on the qualification option selected by the learner or client.  Tuition fees range from £500 to £2500 + VAT per learner.  Learners based overseas may be exempt from VAT.


In addition the IWFM registration fee is collected by FM Tutor and paid to the IWFM Awarding Body for each learner registration. These range from £90 to £350 per learner and are non-refundable.  Individual units can be undertaken with a IWFM registration fee of £90 per unit, plus tuition fees.


To register for any of our level 6 programmes of study, please download and complete our application form and send it to us at enquiries@fmtutor.co.uk


Due to planned future retirement, all Assessment Papers must be completed by June 2020

New Learner registrations for Award available until November 2019


Certificate available until October 2019


Diploma only available for continuing students

who have already achieved 4 or more units at Level 6.